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Default Good Monday Morning, Cruisemates

Good morning, everybody. Another hot sunny day for us.

Mike, the first thing I thought of this morning was your loss. Kramer is in a happier place where there's lots of hunting and no sore noses.

Well, yesterday was 10-10-10, which apparently some people think brings good news. It did for us. First, Wendell is feeling much improved. That was a great relief to Keith. We hope Wendell's recovery will let him attend at least one or two of the reunion events in Phoenix in November.

Second, my $600 problem with Express Scripts seems to be resolved in our favor. Keith called them Sunday morning, and the agent said that on their computer is an order to send us authorization and mailing label to return the unordered insulin pens back to Express Scripts. We will breath a sigh of relief when that shows up, because that means I will be out of the so-called donut whole, meaning I would have to pay full cost for any and all meds regardless of expense.

We saw a wonderful play yesterday and had a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. And although we had a good day, it was tinged with sadness for Mike and thoughts of others on this board who have such very serious problems.

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