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No. I read the bills each candiate has put forward. Here is way Federal bills are not germane meaning they can contain more then one issue in the same bill. A Federal Bill can have healthy school lunches and legalizing dog fighting in the same bill. When the TV ads come out it will say Senator Smith was against healthy school lunch. When in fact he is probably against legal dog fights. In California the state bills have to be germane. However, they can and do Hijack bills towards the end of a session. A bill goes through the session as healthy lunch bill then the last amend the whole bill is changed to the dog fight bill. Since I started reading bills this is the way I vote. I go through the candiates bills and determine what they are really sponsoring. How many bills, was the bill withdrawn from committee by author, how many amendments were made, do I support the changes to law, and how does this member vote on bills that are important to me. The Ads are just entertainment to me they don't impact my decision at all.
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