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I guess I am a bit surprised to see how many say that they will NOT go to Mexico until things calm down. I am not sure if we will ever hear news stories that relate the idea that things have "calmed down" in Mexico. There are so many facts that people just need to listen to versus the constant negative hype.

If you do a simple search of crime will see that we (the good ole US of A) rank much higher (higher not being a good thing) than Mexico when it comes to crime and violent crime at that. Mexico consistently ranks better than most "developed" countries. People somehow get the impression that Mexico is some small, crime-laden Country when the facts and the atlas say otherwise. You have as much of a chance seeing or being near the scene of a violent crime when visiting most of our major cities.

The VAST MAJORITY of violent crime in Mexico happens at the 4 major US/Mexico border towns. Does anyone know how far those areas are from say...Cancun or Cozumel? Anyone? It is the equivalent in distance from Oklahoma City to New York City. Does anyone know of any friend or family member who canceled their trip to Oklahoma because they heard there was a severe crime outbreak in New York?

Our own media outlets are killing the Mexican economy which relies HEAVILY on tourism. I had friends who just returned from a cruise to the Mexican Riviera and the store owners/vendors were begging them to go back home and tel their friends to come visit. Those same friends of mine live in a California town where their own home has been broken into at least once in broad daylight.

If you look at the State Dept's current warnings, you will see Mexico mentioned, but you see them refer to the US/Mexico border...not the resort towns on the Pacific or Caribbean.

Ok...officially stepping off my soapbox. But please search facts and please don't take some media's story as truth before finding the facts yourself.
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