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I threw in Houston because I knew you were from Texas.

I am sure there is a lot of things not reported on from Mexico, but the same is true from our end. Outside of the local and sometimes the State level, we (the US media) do not report on crime that happens on a daily basis. And I will venture to say that the local media in Houston has not reported the 17+ murders that happened in the month of August either. Why are we not demanding that our own media report what is really going on in our streets as much as we demand our media to report the crimes going on in some other Country?

According to our media...Mexico is somehow less safe to visit than say Jamaica, St Thomas, Nassau, Boston, LA, New Orleans, Chicago etc. And I am simply saying that I just don't believe that when you look at the facts of where the majority of the crime occurs and who it occurs against.

I enjoyed your blog by the way...we are heading out on the Conquest in about 30 days...but who is counting.
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