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Hi there. Well, you have not given a lot of information about yourself but I too am a nice guy (60) and retired and I love to Cruise and I am a Diamond Member of Royal Carribbean. I mostly cruise alone and apart from the supplement cost (100%) on most cruises, it would also be nice to share with someone for at least a little social companionship. I have never been on an "all Gay Cruise"...I have never wanted to live in a 24 hour a day gay environment. I enjoy "mixed" cruises for the diversity and have never failed to meet other Gay men and women on almost all the cruises I have taken. If you are a party animal and enjoy late nights, dancing and cruising (the other kind) then the Gay Cruise is probably very enjoyable. As for me, I am now at a stage in my life when I enjoy a little peace and quiet (not all the time) and I am not the "party animal" I may once have been.
I am however seeking to meet another gay (straight is ok too) male for sharing the cost of cruises and as much or as little social interaction as we mutually prefer. Please feel free to contact me if you wish and we can chat further. I live in Toronto e-mail is [email protected]
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