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Originally Posted by kandajones View Post
Hi all, we have just booked our first Celebrity cruise (Aqua grade on the Eclipse), but as it's only 4 nights, we want to make sure that we experience everything.

So if anyone has recommendations or advice on activities that we may need to plan ahead to make sure we don't miss out, we would love to hear about them.

If we eat in the Blu restaurant each night will we be missing out on any activities such as parades or music in the main restaurants?

Are any of the "additional charge" restaurants "experiences not to be missed?"

many thanks,

Alan & Katrina
You won't miss anything significent in the MDR, I would suggest trying one of the specialty restaurants especially Tuscan or Murano for dinner and maybe lunch one day at Bistro..Breakfast is great in Blu..

Martini bar is fun especially at night when there is a good crowd. Casinos, I have found to be a black hole, sucking your money in and I have a lot of experience with casinos...
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