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Being new to cruise, and not experiencing my first until the Allure -Dec. 12th, I do not have the first hand experience of being affected by these things, but I do have an opinion and if permited, I will share.

Personaly, while I wouldn't want to be negitivly impacted by these perks granted to other cruisers...I fully support the right of the cruise line to make tese perks availible. To me, it is the same principle as going to a concert as a press member and getting to sit in the press seats section. Sure I'd love those seats, but the seats do not belong to ME, the belong to the venue. The venue has every right to decide who they allow to sit there, and when.
On a cruise ship, if you do not like not having the priority perks, then spend enough money to buy yourself that privledge.

A better example of this might be the speed, or zip passes being sold at six flags and other theme parks. You pay an extra fee and you get to go through a faster line and bypass the long wait of the other customers. the park has a right to sell the service. if you want the perk, then spend the money. You get what you pay for, and you do not have the right to what you have not paid for. More power to those who have bought and earned the privledge to these perks.

I understand that no one wants to watch someone get better then they are getting, or bypassing the lines and processes everyone else has to go through. but, the cruise line has every right to sell this service for there own profits and consumer retention by giving these much desired perks.

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I agree people should not cut in line inreasonably. But I try not to judge - maybe they have a tour to catch, or maybe they are platinum status and have been given that right.

I "hate" people in business class - but they have a right to be there.

But that brings up another question - is it right for the cruise lines to give "priority boarding" to platinum status? Is it right to give them front row seats at shows?

It's a bit different from doing their laundry and giving them a discount on Internet time - their goodies come at your expense.
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