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Default Mexican Drug Cartel

I think (could be wrong), that it was President Reagan who said that drugs threaten the very independence of the United States and made moves to involve the US Navy, coast guard, and marines in the anti-drug efforts throughout the western hemisphere, especially on the drug route from Colombia all along the coast of Central America, Mexico, and then into the US of A. This is a monstrous organization who have no scruples, no moral values, are cold snakes with extreme venom, and what is worse, buy off officials in every country through which they move, including police, judges, politicians (who come cheap anyway). Know what the drug barons' biggest problems are in Central and South America? Rats. They eat the billions of US dollars tacked in containers (the barons cannot bank their money). Know what we are fighting? The barons move around their countrysides regularly, giving away $10,000 packets of US currency to poor people of their areas of influence. Imagine what that wins them. The USA needs to simply issue a declaration of war against these monsters, and carry the war legitimately to its end.