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Originally Posted by scat View Post
I'm going on the QM2 for the second time. First time was the transatlantic
crossing with the QE2 in 2008.

This is the caribbean cruise with a masquerade ball and buccaneer ball.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to dress and is this event after dinner?
Do change after you eat or dress for dinner in costume?

They have told me the buccaneer ball is pirate theme.
How does that work with a tux? Thanks
We were on QM-2 twice on Caribbean sailing, again we will be going on Dec 8, 2010 sailing. Some people dressed like Pirates with eye patches etc. Others simply wear the veneitian masks or other maks. It usually starts after 9:30 PM in Queen's Ball Room and that night is a formal night. You can always go to Party city and pick up a masks after Halloween for 50% of sale.
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