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Originally Posted by averrette View Post
IF you cruise during Hurricane season, you are taking a risk.
Exactly! Getting angry at the captain because he chose not to cruise you near or through a tropical depression, storm etc is like blaming an airline because air traffic control decided the weather was too unsafe to take off in.

There is soooo much more to getting into a port as has already been mentioned. The other cruise ships that docked may have made it impossible for your ship to dock in that port.

I can't offer any suggestions as far as the condition of the ship which is a totally different issue than the one related to the extra sea days and port diversions.

If you prefer to not have to worry about possible storm issues, just book cruises that sail from December to May, but even that is not a guarantee against weather. We were on a December cruise which had 3 stops and we only got to spend a few hours at our first port because we were late getting there due to very high sustained winds in the Atlantic.

Just could have been back at work instead of spending time relaxing at sea
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