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Lucille is saying that other ships made it and hers didn't.

Assuming Carnival cares about "fairness" they could have spilt up the docking rights between the different Carinval ships, etc. But the truth is that the cruise lines leave these choices up to the captains, they don't generally over-ride captain's decisions.

A cruise is a cruise. Part of a cruise is this; that you are on a ship, at sea, which has a captain responsible for the safety of all the passengers.

When you choose to cruise you give certain aspects of your vacation over to the cruise line. If you believe after the fact that they made decisions you did not like you have every right to complain about it. But that's about all the rights you have.

Now, I don't generally agree with people who say "I don't like future cruise credit as compensation" because the chances that the future cruise would have the same problems (on a quality cruise line like Carnival) are very small, so in fact that is a worthwhile compensation for regular cruisers.

For non-regular cruisers it is a bit of a disappointing compensation, I agree.

Sometimes you just don't get what you feel you paid for - and it isn't the seller's fault. I tried a new restaurant a few nights ago, and it was expensive and the food was not good - and the service was terrible. I complained, but I still paid because I chose to to try the restaurant and I got what the menu promised. I didn't like it, but that is the price of trying something new. (FYI, it was lobster Tempura, but there was far more batter than lobster - it was not tempura batter). But I ate it, grudgingly.

I complained - every customer has that right. The restaurant offered me "something for the next time you come here." But I preferred to say "I won't be back." I don't want to give them any more money at all.

That is just life sometimes. Maybe I should have taken the compensation, but at the time I really preferred to make the point.

BTW: I also fully intended to give them a bad review after the fact, and I will.
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