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Default International arrangements

Along this line, in 2000, I arranged a Trans-Siberian train trip. This involved frequent flyer miles on KLM thru their Arab office in East Jerusalem. Israel to USA, USA to China, Russia back to Israel.

Next I arranged the train trip thru a Travel Agency in Melbourne, Australia. This included pickup at Beijing airport, lodging in Beijing, Ulan Batar, Mongolia, Siberia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, and tranfer to St Petersburg airport.

Amazingly, EVERYTHING worked!! train tickets, lodging, day trips, not one glitch. The TA in Melbourne was excellent, amazing, wonderful, and they did their job.

I had a friend in a Liberty Travel agency in New Jersey. He told me that every morning, he reviewed the world. Storms, riots, unrest. He would then decide how he could assist his clients no matter where they were.

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