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Originally Posted by SigLO View Post
Sure Paul!
St Lucia is my favorite island so far. Took the Drive-In Volcano/Island tour. Felt like I saw a good part of the island. Travelled through a smallish fishing + village, narrow streets and houses all painted in pastels. I swear I remember a chicken--but that could be my imagination! Saw local ladies doing laundry in a river near the ocean, "hanging" their clothes on rocks to dry in the sun.
Our guide was very knowledgable and also a fun gal. The ship tour was supposed to be around 3 hours, but we spent 5-6 hours exploring the island, with several stops other than advertised stops. Not the best hot sulfur bath spot, but I cherish the photo of me "bathing" in it! Since I'll be there again 2 times (end Jan-Feb 2011) I'll buy a good supply of locally made sulfur soap--which I should have bought in 2009. Had a good view of The Pitons.
We're undecided about what to do for our upcoming visits. I'd appreciate any ideas.
Dominica was the best.. we book privately and did the Dominica Most captivating tour with nature isle explorers.. We wanted to much of the island so we book that 5 hour tours.. it was amazing..
i would higly recommend them to you all.. Nature Isle Explores

they also gave us local beers and rum punch as complementary drinks
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