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Originally Posted by RobertZanzerkia View Post
I forgot to ask:
As a past cruiser (apart from the discounted fare) do we get any special treat onboard?
I remember on my 2nd Carnival they sent chocolates and captain's party...

There will be a Past Guest party with cocktails.

The Captain's Party has changed - no more free drinks, but there are drink discounts. Instead there is a "Farewell" gathering - usually the last night of the cruise about 5pm (times may change). The Farewell gathering is not really advertised. There may be a blurb in fine print about it in the Fun Times (Capers) the first day and the day of the event. There are free cocktails at the farewell thing.

Other than that, I wouldn't expect any special treat, but sometimes it happens and if you use a travel agent, sometimes they send things.
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