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Originally Posted by robh View Post
Just saw your post Felix,
What tree did you pounce from or did they take out your claws.
I live on Vancouver Island after many moves across the country and have worked for private and public companies, some union, some not , some global , some not , some family owned, some not.

I agree we have a lot of people trying to warm their pants but the vast majority of folks are hard working , trying to raise their families, give hard work and hours to their employers, send monies back to families who cannot realize the dream of working in a great country like Canada and the US.
In my field of systems, majority of extra hours we put in were not paid, it was to ensure we delivered what we promised and even the ones who were unionized found ways to work under the rules to ensure the employer got what was requested.
A lot of us came from different countries and have passed on these values to our children who in turn are hard working citizens.
So, enjoy the grass in the country you are blessed to live in. :o
Ask the chap on the cruise ship.
First, I am Canadian - live in Niagara, second I worked for the Regional government for many years so yes, I know of what I speak. I also belonged to a union. I kind of think that gives me an insight into North American work ethic and compared to people from third world countries, it doesn't exist.

When NCL had an American staff only ship in Hawaii, I heard no end of complaints. The tables in the dining room would be half empty because the staff had put in the allotted hours for the day and weren't going to work anymore. The staff from third world countries certainly don't have that attitude.

Yes, I stand by my statement. Been there - seen that and the comparision will not pass the smell test.
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