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Well, as I said before, to each his own. But I wouldn't call a cruise where people don't have sex in the hallways, decks, restaurants, etc a " prude convention." You mentioned " secret " places to indulge in sex-- most folks have told you on a ship you would find few, if any " secret " places due to security cameras, security personnel, crew working all hours and people out at all hours, Sorry if you're disappointed.--
However if it's important to screw around in a dark corner, let 'er rip. As the old song said--" it's your thang--do what you wanna do--I can't tell you who to sock it to."
After more than 3 dozen cruises I've never seen anyone screwing around in any secret, dark, dingy out of the way places--
sounds like you may like to be watched as you perform--maybe you should try craigslist?? :-) :-)
The question that comes to my mind is why are you so interested in where other people have sex? :razz: :razz: :razz:
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