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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
You cannot compare a cruise to any main land dining event. We are on a ship and in the middle of the ocean. It is not like you can just get up and go anywhere else to eat. A person who wants to dine in the dining room on formal night should be allowed even if that person is not dresses up. This person paid the same fare as you did and is ENTITLED to eat where he or she so pleases, dressed to the hilt or not.
I COMPLETELY disagree with your statement here. First of all, any time that you engage in something, weather you are a paid participant or not, it is your responsibility to know what it is that you are paying for. The lines are pretty clear about the expectations and the dress code and it is your responsibility to be informed about that before purchasing your tickets. By purchasing the ticket, you are in effect, agreeing with the terms the liner has laid out.

I have no right to show up at a baseball game and demand the players play football because I paid the same amount as everyone else, so now the players are required to cater to MY wants and MY needs.

Sorry, it just doesnt work that way. you know when you buy your ticket what you are buying into. If you do not like it, then don't buy a ticket. but don't buy a ticket and then complain as if you are being treated unfairly because you are held to a standard that is layed out in print before you even purchase your ticket.

We all must follow rules in life. its time we get used to it, and grow up. personaly, I do not care how much you paid for your ticket. I do not care what you want out of your trip. I do not care if you are happy about the rules or not. I do not care if you feel it is unfair to you. If you do not like it, then by all means, stay in your own cabin...and if all you can do is sulk and complain about it, by all means, stay off the ship. You paid the same price that I did....true. But you also booked the same cruise I did. and the cruise I booked, clearly stated the expectations before I paid for my ticket. you have no one to blame but yourself.
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