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Default Get what you pay for

My husband and I are booked for our 3rd cruise in as many years next May 2011
Departing from NYC -- Anytime Dining -- Off-Shore Excursions = water activities

We prefer "waiving the automatic gratuity" $20/day for 8 days = $160
We give to those who have enhanced our cruise experience

Cruise One - Princess: Balcony Stateroom - Starboard - to see sunset going
and sunrise returning .... ultimate balcony dining ... scuba ....
but the hurricane sent us to Port Canavaral .... no P.R./no St.Thos
they "lost" our luggage... but since we bought cruise protection insurance
we used the policy claim to book -- oh ... learned that guaranteed gratuity
was not mandatory --- paid half -- cash tipped those who made our experience
better --- they told us all tips must be "surrendered" to a common pot...

Crusie Two - Carnival Fun Ship --- finally got to P.R. and St. Thomas
but rain ... rain ... rain ... Carnival made all port itiniaries ... but rain... rain...
but we had upgraded to extended balcony stateroom .... insisted on chaise
loungers on balcony ... obtained by cabin stewardess ... from I DON"T CARE WHERE
$tip .... margaritas the way I want them (with three wedges of lime) ... $tip
Anytime table seating -- we will feed you when you are ready to eat ... $tips

Cruise Three -- Carnival .... we upgraded again ... Oceanview Suite ...
oh yeah, found out we're Gold Members ... did not know on Cruise Two
that Princess/Carnival were subsidiaries re: Past Guest Passengers..
this time we know we have priority boarding...still leaving from NYC

My point.... I am glad I found this website ... I am willing to pay for
what I want ... I want to know all I entitled to for my money....

so share ....
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