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Originally Posted by Ingakatrin View Post
Hello there, we are going on the same cruise and we will be doing all the excursions on our own, using public transportation. I think the excursions are quite expensive and the private tours people use are also very high. I donīt need lunch, a quick snack will suffice and the shopping opportunities are a rip-off. An outdoor market is enjoyable and so are small shops.
Hope we all have a good trip.
In some ports I think this is OK to do your own excursions, especially if the ship docks close to the railway station or city center.
In Naples for example you can walk to the city center and it's also a 5 minute walk to the ferries to Capri and Sorrento. In Villefranche you are a 5 minute walk from the train station or a 10 minute walk from the closest bus stop from the tender port. From there it is only a couple of minutes by train/bus to Nice or Monaco. When I was there it was a train strike though, so no trains and about 500 people waiting for the bus...

If you would like to see Rome or Florence I really recommend to book an excursion even if it is expensive. RCI have "Rome on your own" and "Florence on your own" where you get the transport to and from Rome/Florence and have the day for yourself in the cities. You will have much more time to explore the cities than if you will go there by yourself, waiting for buses and trains and worry for not coming back to the ship on time.
I only used RCI excursions for Rome and Florence, and I am glad I did. I didn't need to worry about missing public buses, trains and, in worst case, the ship. Of course you have to be on time for the return bus to the ship, but thats only one thing to remember. :razz:

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