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Default Re: Stay Away from Viking

Originally Posted by Steve Toner View Post
I had a 1600 mile cruise of the Danube scheduled in late July. The day before we left, Viking contacts us to tell us that due to flooding, they would have us visit all the places that were on itinerary, but we'd do some by bus. They said we could cancel if we wanted. Well, they didn't take us to all the places they said. They missed many of them. And it turns out the ship was stuck 1/2 way on the river, so we missed half of it. They never told us that. Turns out Viking knew well ahead of time that they'd be unable to cruise the whole river, but waited until the last day to notify passengers. Now why do you think that is? Oh, they did offer a 25% credit on a future cruise. I expected 50%.
Look, I understand flooding. There was nothing they could do about that. But I expect honesty and being more upfront. That's what I didn't get.
Dear Mr. Toner,

Your concerns are important to us and we kindly ask that you allow us the opportunity to discuss them with you in greater detail. Please contact us directly at


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