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Originally Posted by Lisa View Post
Only when we fully protect our borders will we be safe. Only when the drug cartels feel scared of what they will face in the USA as punishment is when they will stop. I am sick and tired of our liberal congress and President and people of this country trying to play nice. All it has done is harm this country. Put the full force of the USA military on the border without the liberal's restrictions and let the Mexicans and the cartels know what will happen if they cross us.

And to think many in our country doubted this woman's account......they should be ashamed of themselves!

You are exactly right on target. Obama and the liberal congress just trying to "play nice" is not working and never will. As you said the full force of US military along with state militia is the only answer to save our country.

Call me a whiner, but I don't want to drive my car and wonder if the guy coming at me is high on drugs, because they are exercising some kind of "right" to do whatever they want. I don’t want to wonder if my doctor is exercising his “right” and is high on drugs. The desire to legalize drugs is nothing more than a continuation of the Obama pledge to "fundamentally transform this country".

We need to fight this war of drugs and illegal immigration the same way you should fight any war, with a committed strategy to win and do what ever it takes to preserve the hopes and dreams of future generations. With the election only one week away the US is tittering on the brink of a completion of the promised "transformation" or a return to the Constitution and the continued success this nation has enjoyed throughout its history.

If we want to see authorities beheaded and crime and drugs running rampant in the US then just doing nothing will certainly do the trick.

Thanks again Lisa, for your input and it is nice to see people who do not want to see this great nation transformed into something that our founding fathers would be totally against.

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