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TM I know exactly what you mean.
My mom remembers for a minute then forgets all the time. I bring her family photos and she will look at them and go back again and again without realzing she had just looked at them a minute before.They are new to her every time.

My brother visited today and she still knew who he was, but it is hard to chat when she is in a fantasyland. We just go a long with what ever she says.

He did manage to get her to eat a couple of chicken strips (her favorite) but thats all she had eaten in 24 hours and almost no liquids.
Today she couldnt even walk to the bathroom by herself, she was out of breath. A week ago she could walk around slowly, but at least she could get around.

Down to the 30's again tonight!!! Rain predicted tomorrow too.
I think I will make apot of stew and make some biscuits to go with it. That should be good on a cold wet day.

Off to do dishes and get ready for bed.
Good night everyone,


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