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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Donna - I suspect if some cruise lines enforced dress codes strictly, passenger numbers would drop off - IMHO. However that said, the cruise lines are inconsistent in enforcing the policy. Why have a policy if you do not enforce it.

I have just returned from a HAL cruise where the 'formal' dress code was largely ignored - even in MDR!

As I say, smart casual is my norm. I felt overdressed! BTW with my figure, I can't wear shorts or jeans and if I dress up - I feel like a sugar plum fairy!

I choose a vessel based on itinerary size and vessel size - NOT on dress code.

The Azamara cruise lines seem to operate very happily without a dress code but unfortunately they don't sail everywhere I want to visit.

Relatives of mine were on a HAL cruise in March and said on formal nights only about 10% of the people dressed as directed
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