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Originally Posted by ToAdam12 View Post
Then don't respond. To the thread, their is just no reason to judge other people. Like I said before this is an advice website. So if you don't like it then don't give advice, it may not be what you think is decent but, being able to have a frank and open conversation about it is what adults do. Once again it may not be your thing, but to each his own so if you don't like it then move on. Ohh and by the way Al I was on the Destiny and at night all the way in front of the ship is very dark and very out of the way. There are rooms that face out but, I found it to be a nice place to get away and be alone.
I totally agree with you and the OP. I actually saw this thread and, maybe I could suprise my lovely wife of 14 years with some exciting new places. The op said NOTHING about wanting people to watch etc. He was just wondering if he could find some funny and memorable places to "play" with his significant other. Obviously nobody wants to be busted and thrown off the ship. Infact, thats probably the reason for asking what the OP was asking. I will agree with the others that the cameras are a real problem for executing this particular excursion. So lets hear some good ideas.....that is if there are any. Great thread!
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