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Adam12, seems like you're doing an awful lot of attacking and name calling yourself.--Calling Laura a prude, accusing her of snide remarks--back up an read your own posts before thrashing Laura. She''s entitled to her opinion as are you. If you don't like what she writes, take your own advice and don't read or respond. How many cruises have you been on? How many people have you seen having sex out and about on the public areas of the ship ( if it's outside your cabin and not restricted to crew only, then it's basically public turf )--none of the above I would venture to guess.
Regarding the OP wanting to have sex in " secret" places on a ship. it's been made about as clear as it can be made that there are no " secret " places to screw around for a number of reasons. If there are or is, and it were to be plastered all over the world on the inter-net do you think it would still be a secret? Hardly. Maybe no one's climbed the stack and humped each other atop the stack yet---that's a thought --or maybe on the windshield of the bridge--now that would be something to write home about. But beyond that I'd say the OP is out of luck and seems to want to be watched. To each his own.
Personally I don't give a rats behind where people tear into each other--that's their business but to go on a cruise ship with several thousand people aboard and expect to have sex outside your cabin without being seen is pretty far out there. You have to not care or either enjoy being watched. If the OP scores outside the dining room on the floor while in line with several hundred others waiting for the door to open is fine with me--that would be a good place to be seen and chances are no one's done that before so that could be a first .Be innovative and find your own places to do your thing--then spread the word so the rest of us can get our pop corn and cokes and gather around these secret places to watch the shows.
Bottom line, if I had my hand on the trigger this inane thread would have been history long before reaching this point. After all--this is a cruise board--not a sexual advice or "where do you do it " poll.
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