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Originally Posted by E92_Expo View Post
To the OP, I am with you. I think it would be cool and adventurous to find a place on the boat to get a little intimate with your mate. I leave this Saturday for my first cruise ever. I hope the ship is not taken over by prunes and senior citizens who think people in their 20s are up to no good.

I will be on the search for a secret "stabbin' cabin" someone on the ship.
I am sure we will find some late night entertainment after some of the others go back to bed. Somehow we find ourselves still out and about around 3 or 4 in the morning. Out of 2,700 people I know we are not the only couple who likes to have a secluded area for extra corricular activity's. lol We might not awake and come out of our cabin as some but that doesn't mean we are sleeping also. Oh, I would think the showers are probably very small, only enough room for one. Al
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