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jlauntz, you're absolutley correct--we owe our soul and arse to China. What's going to happen when they call due all the money we owe them??
And as someone who was just one of the 3 million plus who went to Vietnam, it irks me that we did what we did, lost what we lost and now we snuggle up with them, because they are no political threat to the powers in D.C.
As I said, it's all politics. There's several hundred thousand Cubans in Fla. and with that many votes they can sway an election, even a Presidential election so no one has the "you know whats " to stand up--afraid of making the Fla. voters mad and losing an election.
But, with Castro's brother in charge, it seems to be loosening up some and hopefully in the next few years our brilliant leaders will have the backbone to quit ignoring Cuba.
The problem is not with the Cuban people nor the American people--it's with our anointed ones in D.C.
But, I'll quit the subject as sooner or later it will be pulled for becoming too political--don't know about the rest of you folks but here in my fair city and state I can't wait until the election is over Tuesday. I'm so sick and tired of all the crap slinging commercials on t.v. It's beyond ridiculous.
I wish no one would win--all we do is either keep the same loafers on the public payroll or either replace them with someone else who turns out to be worse or at the least as bad.
Here's to all the future cruises to Cuba !!
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