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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Tell you what IS tiresome....people inferring that they are some sort of innovative bringers of change by refusing to dress in the requested manner for dinner, you are not. You are just people with no manners, no respect for others nor for the cruise line & staff. If a ship has a dress code & it is not respected those who do not do so are exhibiting abject rudeness & sadly typical of attitudes today.
Well I guess I can be considered one of the rude cruisers who just likes to dress casually all the time. No baseball caps or shorts on formal nights but a nice long sleeve shirt & dress pants without a hot jacket. It works every time on Princess without question. No one else dining seems to mind either.
That being said, we've just returned from an Emerald cruise & they did serve lobster claws on the 2 ND formal night which meant I could eat at the buffet & still get the same selections. Maybe Princess is doing something to curtail people from dressing down in the DR but they're certainly not barring people from entering for lack of dress. ;-)
Provided they continue the same dining selections on formal evenings, I'll be sticking to the buffet for my meals but if they do eliminate the lobster claws I'll be back to the DR in my casual clothes since they have the best food there.

If people feel the need to be formally dressed in order to enjoy there meals there are more formal cruise lines that enforce a strict dress code but Princess isn't one of them.
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