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We have reserved a 4wdrive with a contract that allows off paved road driving. We have also planned a alternate route if the Denali Hwy is not ready yet. I have mapped out the trip by hour and by the mile. We have all our reservation made at each stop and a few places in between in the event the weather slows us down.
We have given ourselves 2 days at Denali and I think that will do for us.

I know that Alaska is a big place but a mile is a mile and we drive many miles here in Texas and also many miles in the moutains of New Mexico and Colorado so slow driving or suprise weather is no suprise to us.

7 days will have to do for our trip because I can't afford to move to Alaska to see it.
I started out thinking 3 days and have increased it to 7 because of reading your post and 7 is all I can do with a 7 day cruise at the end of the land part. I have a business to run and a dog that will not forgive me for being gone much more than that.

I believe we have considered most risk and if some show up then we will just have to adjust.
Thanks for all your help.
I will report back to let everybody know if we planned right or we got lost forever in Alaska.

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