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Hello All
I am presently EO on cruise ship. Bruce and SZ are pretty much right. When cruise lines were punished by DOJ for Environmental Violation, the position of EO was created. During probation USDOJ looked into all the aspect and directed that the EO should be a Senior Officer and should be among HD, St. Captain & Chief Engineer, all regulations were followed except that EO's were not given the same status as the above three position though it was a written DOJ document. DOJ never audited if this was happening. They were happy to see that the cruise lines mentioned that EO were Senior Officers. Till probation all positions on the ship and ashore administration were paying attention and respect. After probation, this attitude has detiorated immensely. The pay structure was about 9K then and yet it is there for the initial EO's where as those EO's joining now get only 3.5K with no increament further. Cabins are the same as junior officer though single. Officers mess privillege is there but not in Senior Officers mess. It seems that the Marine and Engine officer think that EO is basically a burden for them, though yet most of them do errors in recording the required information by law. There is no charm as such like it was before. DOJ instruction states that EO has to overlook the Marine Environmental Operation but now EO has to do all the paperwork and supervision of waste offloading and an added responsibility of Occupational Safety. No increament. Most of the cruise lines are playing with the position and law cares a least about it as long as the sea are clean. I am sure if you are US/European/Canadian/Australian/NZ citizen better pick up job with government or companies on land. Sea is not a good experience if you are thinking to join as EO. Asian may stick as for them this money is good. In some cruise lines it is 10 weeks on and 10 weeks off paid all 12 months and in some cruise lines vacations are 4 months on to 2 months off. You are not paid when on vacation. I am sure this will give you inside picture from an EO who is in contract with one of the cruise lines. GB
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