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Morning Venice, and welcome home, sounds like you had a blast. Can you share any of those photos in our gallery?

We are in the final countdown for our cruise, 9 days till we leave, 10 till the cruise! I think maybe today I'd better start thinking about what I'm taking with me.....
I have the day off today (again!) and I've promised myself to think about organizing things for packing. I'm sure my sister has been packed for weeks, as has my hubby, but I am the ultimate procrastinator.

This morning we discovered our cat missing. Usually she wakes us up with her meowing and kneading, but she was nowhere to be seen. We found her outside, in the closed screen room, where she apparently spent the night after I let the dog out for a last pee. It was hovering around 0C last night, with frost, and she was a little chilled, but fine, but boy, did she let us have a blast of meow meow meow meows!!!!

Well, time for breakfast, have a good day all, going to check out Venice's review of the Jazz cruise and Mike's daily report on the CM cruise....

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