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Default fantasea fest 2 {clothing optional}

Hello all. This is our first time posting here, so forgive us if we posted in the wrong spot. My wife and I are looking at booking a cruise next Halloween which is a clothing optional cruise. The cruise line for this cruise is Carnival and the boat is called Miracle. I know the boat is smaller and is an older boat. My question has to do with it being a clothing optional cruise. If anybody has ever been to fantasea fest 1 or any other clothing optional cruise, we would love to hear your opinions on the cruise itself, and more importantly the average age on board and/or range of ages. We are both in our early 40's and like to party and have fun. We would hate to board a boat full of people in their 70's. NOT that people of that age can't party.....just we were hoping for a big mix of people. Thanks in advance.
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