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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
You're completely delusional. I am neither rude or disrespectful and I completely resent your implication. Out of respect for my fellow cruisers that do enjoy formal night I stay out of the main dining room. Whether I chose to pay for a specialty restaurant that night (Princess is smart casual every night) or order room service, or eat at the buffet is still dining. So if you consider a 10 course diner in Sabatini's complete with wine and champagne "Eating" instead of "Dining" then you're sadly mistaken. My vacation no longer includes formal nights, you're free to make your vacation to your liking.

Trackypup - very well said!

We have to accept that Johnthedog will never change ; I actually think he enjoys winding us up! I think our tact should be to ignore him and continue with our very acceptable behaviour!

Actions speak louder than words - and obviously our actions are condoned by the cruiselines.

Everybody have a good day!

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