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Originally Posted by Thoth View Post
Next year I'm going to Quebec, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, and Bar Harbour, so now I'm more or less window shopping at ship sponsored shore trips.
While I've visited Halifax ( Peggy's Cove & the fort), those other ports are new to me. :eek:
From my understanding, Quebec city is great for walking tours. The castle/hotel, Saint Anne church, Montmorecy falls, and Orleans island are tend to be offered on bus tours.
Charlottetown promotes the Ann of Green Gables story, it seems.
From Sydney, I plan to see the Cabot Trail/Cape Breton National Park area.
From Bar Harbour, I hope to see plenty of Acadia National Park....of course.

any advice...any insights ? Thanks !

Check out the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City .Its a hotel but very interesting to walk through and around.
The Cabot Trail and Arcadia National Park are fantastic .
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