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Originally Posted by you View Post
What is wrong with a 'laissez-faire' attitude. If people want to dress up to the nines - good for them. I will not interfere with that and expect the same courteousy to be extended to everyone.
The dress and grooming of the participants is a major component of what sets the ambiance of a social event. When the cruise line advertises a particular ambiance, it has a legal obligation to deliver that ambiance to its paying customers.

Originally Posted by You
IMHO - topic of Dress Code is in the same league as Religion and Politics - entrenched views - and should not be discussed.
So should a Jew who walks into a Baptist church complain that the hymns are praising Jesus as God?

There are cruise lines that offer all sorts of onboard styles. I have no problem whatsoever with a cruise line offering "all casual" cruises for passengers who prefer that ambiance. What we're saying is simply that we all need to make a suitable choice of cruise line based on the style that we each prefer.

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