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Default Art Auction Questions

This will be our first cruise on Celebrity but on Carnival and RCCL they had art auctions. We think there will be one on Celebrity also (?). All these auctions seem to be run by Park East (?)..I guess they contract with all the cruise lines. On our first cruise we purchased an Andrew Warden (Painter of Light) piece for 200 and was immediately appraised at 795. I am by no means an expert on art. My question for anyone with a good knowledge of art auctions on ship is......Do you really get a good deal at these auctions? How could a piece we bought for 200 be appraised at 795? Any info "someone in the know" could give us would be greatly appreciated. Also, I want to thank all the posters here for their posts because we have learned alot from others experiences. I don't always agree but still learn from those posts also . I hope I don't irritate too many here and will try to keep my posts constructive even when we "agree to disagree". Thanks to all here.
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