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Default The Beatles

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
We also had a booming economy in the late nineties due to the "technology bubble" where the stock market went up like a helium filled balloon.

That was the last time this country had a truly unique American economy that worked - where we produced something uniquely American that the world needed (technology).

Since then technology has become commoditized and jobs have moved overseas. It will be awhile before we find the next new thing that recreates the 90s - those were very good times. The Roaring 90s in retrospect. (obviously, the tried to recreate the 90s in the 2000s with real MBS - and that went bust). Technology stocks eventually went bust, too, but that didn't affect people literally where they live.

Its just too bad we didnt have a good rock & roll band to define the 90's era like the Beatles did for the 60s.

The Beatles defined music in my opinion .They were a one of a kind .
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