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Default Liberty, UK, Saturday Night Fever Auditions

This appeared in The Stage this week:

Royal Caribbean Productions in Association with Robert Stigwood Presents
Saturday Night Fever.
Catch the fever onboard Liberty Of The Seas!

Come prepared with your best 16-32 bars of 2 contrasting up-tempo pieces in pop style. Sheet music is required in the proper key.
Be prepared to dance and read sides. Singers will also perform in our 2nd production show. Vocal versatility a plus.

We are casting versatile dancers with excellent technique in ballet and jazz. Dancers to take on a variety of character roles and will also perform in a high energy, aerial show. Must possess well developed, strong bodies to sustain rigorous demands of the program. All to have believable Brooklyn accent.

Male character breakdown:
Tony Manero (Principal) Tenor (to A):
Plays 19, extremely handsome Brooklyn Italian. King of his circle, he projects machismo with a vulnerability beneath. Extremely charismatic. Must be able to speak with a believable Brooklyn accent, strong dancer with a killer pop voice.

Bobby C (Principal) Tenor (to A):
Plays 18-20, awkward Brooklyn Italian. One of the Faces (Tony’s gang) insecure and needy. A troubled soul who tries to hard. Believable Brooklyn accent, strong mover with a show-stopping pop voice.

Monty (Feature) Bari/Tenor:
Plays 40-60, handsome, flamboyant, high-energy DJ who is genuinely likable.

Double J (Feature) Bari/Tenor:
Plays 18-25, handsome Brooklyn Italian. One of the Faces (Tony’s gang). Tough guy, cocky, a potential criminal in the making.
Believable Brooklyn accent, muscular build. Strong dancer with good pop voice.

Gus (Feature) Bari/Tenor:
Plays 18-25, cute Brooklyn Italian. Once of the Faces (Tony’s gang). Bumbling klutz, a little befuddled. A follower. Believable Brooklyn accent. Strong dancer with good pop voice.

Frank Manero Jr (Feature) Baritone:
Plays 25-30, Brooklyn Italian. Genuine, paternal, spiritual energy. Believable Brooklyn accent.

Female character breakdown:
Stephanie Mangano (Principal) Mezzo with belt (to D):
Plays 20, extremely beautiful Brooklyn Italian. Projects over confidence and pretension but is really a simple girl trying to be more than what she came from. Must be genuinely likable. Believable Brooklyn accent. Killer voice and strong dance.

Annette (Principal) Mezzo with belt (to Eb):
Plays 18-20, attractive Brooklyn. Innocent, insecure, needy. She tries to mask her vulnerability with toughness. Believable Brooklyn accent. Good dancer with show-stopping voice.

Fio Manero (Feature) Mezzo:
Plays 40-60. Brooklyn Italian mother. Opinionated, devout Catholic.

Auditions London November 14-17
Danceworks, 16 Balderton Street

Sunday November 14th
Singer – agent call
Contact your agent for an appt.

Monday, November 25th
9:00am – Dancers sign in
9:30am – Dancers audition

Tuesday, November 16th
9:00am – singers open call sign in
9:30am – singers open call audition

Wednesday, November 17
9:00am – Callbacks

Log on now for more info: Royal Caribbean Productions
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