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Default Re: Art Auction Questions

Hi AR,

Thanks for your note! I agree with your friend and I think the five hundred threshold still applies even in todays inflation market....I think that is extremely sound advice....

On board, I've heard people make jokes about the "poster auctions"...if nothing else, it's a chance to see how an auction, any type, works....and it's a good excuse to have a glass of champagne!!

I have seen some people spend outrageous sums of money though on really awful stuff...One lady, on my last cruise, bid over 800 dollars on a peice that wasn't worth forty FRAMED! I think if she loves it and she has the money, she should do it, I guess, but I hope she didn't believe that it would actually be worth that much....For most of us, myself included, bidding that kind of money better be worth it!!!

I just like art, and I have fun seeing the art at the auctions and meeting people....If I see something I like, and it's less than two hundred (my maximum!!!) I'll bid on it, but only if I can't live without it.....
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