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Back from NY-San Juan on Caribbean Princess. Great cruise. Watched tropical storm Tomas form off St. Lucia. Once again, after I purchased the soda card, I turned invisible. Oh! Only to the waitstaff though. Seems others can see me. Can't quite figure it out. I talk to them. They seem to look at me. Or maybe they just see an empty seat and wonder why it's empty and no one is trying to use it. Ah-ha. Light bulb time! It's those eight magic words that turn me invisible. "Can I get you anything from the bar?"
And I forgot. The entertainment! I've seen the same shows for the past five years. The same leads for three of them. COME ON ALREADY! Unable to learn new things? And the comedians onboard-they announced that they would be doing they same show, same jokes, the next night for those who didn't see it now. ARE YOU KIDDING? Mr. Funnymen can't come up with different material for the three nights that they entertain?

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