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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
The food is good - especially if you try the alternative restaurants. But even the buffet is good. Great breakfast buffet with omelet stations for example.

O'Sheehan's Pub is largely overlooked by the food is excellent, plus the selection of ales, and the game atmosphere makes it a really cool place just to hand out. I would say my favorite pub at sea.

And if you are single you cannot beat the studio staterooms.

I have to agree with you about the food. The buffet was good and the omelet stations were my wife's favorite but they are a standard on most ships. My only complaint about the buffet was that there was little change in the offerings from day to day.

O'Sheehan's is a great venue. The food there, while limited, was overall the best prepared and most consistent in quality. It is not gourmet or prime meats but everything is enjoyable. We ate there, a number of times, for breakfast, lunch and once for late night during the course of the cruise. The service there was also the most friendly. We became friendly with one of the late night waitresses, Maria, who did make us feel special. She did her job well. The pub portion is a great place just to sit and people watch, play a game of darts or air hockey. There is a also a couple of pool tables. I was amazed that more people were not eating there. On disembarkation day we ate breakfast there and while there were long lines of people waiting to get off the ship, long before walk-off disembarkation started, O'Sheehan's was almost empty. My wife had gone up to the buffet earlier and she said it was packed. I'll take a good leisurely breakfast with personal service rather than fighting the hoards in the buffet.

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