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I have now returned home and had a few hours sleep in my own bed. Even though cruise ship beds are comfortable it's always nice to sleep in your own.

Yesterday's disembarkation was delayed because of the, weather imposed, overnight in Cozumel. Initially, the Guest Relations staff told everyone with a flight before 3:00 p.m. to reschedule their flights to after 3:00 p.m. This caused a lot of confusion, chaos and an overload of the Internet and Cell system. This lock up of the system saved me $300. We had priority disembarkation and once I contacted the concierge she informed me that we would be leaving the ship at 10:15 a.m.. Our flight was 1:15 pm and I figured this would give us enough time to make it. It turned out that this gave us plenty of time to make our flight. At 11:00 a.m. we were through security at MIA and killing time before our flight. I had signed up for the luggage program where you set your luggage outside your cabin and the cruise line takes care of getting it to the airport and the next time you see it is on the baggage carousel at your destination. I spoke with guest relations about canceling this and I had to go through three people at the desk to get the point across that I wanted this canceled and the fee refunded. The first two people gave me the "deer in headlights" look until an officer knew what I was talking about. A number of hours later a letter appeared that they canceled the program for everyone.

I do wonder what the ramifications will be for those who changed flights and had a long wait at the airport and what NCL will do about the change fees. Their initial response to the "change fee" question was to contact the corporate offices. I do believe there will be some unhappy people.

We did have one main baggage issue, that was of our own creation, and I need to resolve that with NCL today. I won't go into details because after 30 years of travel I was one of those people who had their head up their rears and didn't pay close enough attention to what they were doing.

I do have to say that the disembarkation was easy and quick but similar to many other disembarkations. I do not know if it stayed that way later in the process.

I will write up an overall review and impressions of the trip but I will overall say it was "Good". I can't give it an "Excellent" but I had a good time and enjoyed myself. I believe Epic is something that should be done once but, at least in my case, it will be a while before I try it again. There are many other ships and itineraries that are still to be enjoyed.

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