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Default Thank you all

Hey Gang,

I want to thank everyone who came aboard my first cruisemates cruise. I had a great time. You are all the most wonderfull people I have ever met. Linda love ya you and Bruce are aces.
Epic. I though the staff served up the best customer service I have ever experianced. being in the hospitality business myself i was very impressed. Also Julia who is a group cordinator and Exec Chef Peter made sure our group had more then the corporate office said we could. The group actually had sample plates of my recipes. I was so happy. Also at the cocktail party 2 of my drinks were served. (Mike it was malibu rum, vodka, midori and pinapple juice). The other was a Morrocan Mojito.
My wife and I loved the ship. I also did not mind the bathroom set up. Although walking down the corridors you can smell the stench of others. Storage in the cabins were great. I overall loved the ship.
Food Le Bistro was my fave. I do not mind paying extra for speciality restaurants. the reason being I see the value in it. When we go to these restaurants on non vacations we pay a fortune. I loved the noddle bar. I liked the food more in the restaurants then the main dinning room. I also had the Japanese restaurant. i swore I would not eat there since they were a dime a dozen back home. I ate there and thought it was the best I ever had. I do not go out of my way to eat rice. i ate 2 bowls.
Hope to do this agian with all of you and more.
Chef Matt
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