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Default Hey all ---

I'm glad you made it home, OK. I was a little skeptical when you said NCL advised all with late flights to cancel them - what a hassle that was...

In any case...

Matt giving praise to the NCL premium restuarants and saying he sees the value in them may be some of the best advertising NCL has ever had. They get a fair amount of criticism for focusing so much on alternative, extra-cost dining. I have always said it is worth it, but I am not a highly trained chef like Matt. He can have a meal and know exactly what it is "worth" in terms of what it would cost a restaurant to prepare and present that meal.

The only reason Epic is something of a one-cruise ship is because the entertainment is such a big part of the experience - but once you have seen it there is no reason to rush back and see it again. I have seen BMG five times, but each times was many years apart.

The new ships will have the variety of restuarants, the studio staterooms, and the same diversity of entertainment as Epic. I don't know what they have planned for a headliner, but I would predict it will be something pretty good because Blue Man Gtroup is one of the most consistently praised aspects of the ship.

Good to have you back!!!
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