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Default Suffers

Originally Posted by LisaK View Post
i have to disagree to a point. As a person who suffers from severe nasal allergies, blowing my nose is a way of life, i will blow my nose very subtly and quietly into my napkin, with my head below the table, will say excuse me, and leave my napkin on my lap, if i had to leave the table everytime i had to blow my nose i would never get a chance to eat or socialize, now with that being said, i agree that anything more than that i would definatley excuse myself from the table and go outside the dining room or into the ladies room.

You hit the nail on the head.
A person who suffers!
By all means, your socializing is very important.

The Noro Virus is spread through the ship from human discharge.
The bathrooms have directions for washing hands and the cruise lines have anti bacterial units in all restaurants.

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