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Exclamation Rules vs Regulations

Tips were designed to insure the cruise line does not get cut out of a profit.
It's all about marketing!
Think about it, Per person rate + Taxes/Government fees & tips on pricing in lue of a flate cabin rate All Inclusive.

If the cruise line were to include a standard charge for it's employee's on the price, the workers for the cruise lines would benefit in large.

I find, paying out $5 bills daily, gets you benefits otherwise not offered by the staff.
Just about everything available to each employee will become within arms reach.

Examples, Head waiters can bring out appitizers, meats/fish, otherwise not served on the main menu.

Your Cabin personal has access to upgraded bath amenities including cosmetic mirrors among a few items.
Other items include Egg create foam padding and bed boards.

There are many passengers who stiff the workers.
Passengers will over spend on "COCTAILS", "SHORE EXCURSIONS" &" CASINO".
The cruise line does not protect the employees aganist these nuckle heads.

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