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Thanks to everyone! My kids are now over a year old, and to be honest, we have gone no where!! Well, not totally true, we drove about 450 miles each way for a wedding and a week "off" which we spent with family. I started going to my old standby to get prices on the cruises. Now that I am adding the 2 little ones no matter how I choose it says that I have to put in my info and they will get back to me (email or phone). Is this normal? If so, I may just go with a travel agent, since then I will know who I am picking rather then having a random call back from someone I never heard of. If you were wondering I was looking at Princess, not sure, but I remember always getting quoted prices online when I looked at them in the past.

On a side note, my kids were born very early and it caused them to have issues. They are both doing much better now but my son is legally blind. How are the companies with handicaps like this? I would guess, based on everything else I have seen in the industry, that they are great at handling this, but was wondering if anyone had first hand experience?
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