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Wink Baby Blue

I am about to leave for my first cruise on sunday. And just like alot of you will probably agree getting ready for your first cruise is very stressing. In many ways but what has really been on my mind is trying to figure the clothing that I need to bring for each differant event or activity. I am probably over thinking all this since I have never cruised before but I would rather have it there and not wear it then to not have it and need it. And Dina you caught my attention. about Formal night I was very frustrated trying to decide what to take. Then I just went with my favorite Baby Blue Tux with a matching Top Hat...until I read your post DINA and I just pulled out the BABY BLUE TUX!!!!lol j/k I know I am gonna wear a suit. but I cant make up my mind about light or dark color. I personally think the dark color looks more formal but like someone else said already a suit is a suit. What I cant stop thinking about is worrying that I am gonna sweat my ass off wearing a suit in such a warm place. And I got yelled at when I said that its gonna be hot enough wearing a suit therefor I must go commando under it..Ladies I am not being a pig but you have to understand you all will be looking hot and sexy with alot of skin showing and basically have air conditioning on when we got the heat on.. so any chance for the boys to get a little more breathing room I must take it.. So what s your take on that D?
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