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Default Re: CruiseMates Hawaii Cruise is HOT HOT HOT

Kay S. wrote:
> Kuki,
> When you golf on cruises, do you bring your own clubs or rent
> them? Chuck and I have only rented clubs before in order to
> avoid the extra baggage and weight-- all those extra golf
> balls waiting to replace the lost ones can be a load.
> Kay S.

I've done both. If I know I'm going to be playing alot of golf, I drag the clubs and accessories along. A few weeks ago, we were on the Triumph, and decided at the last minute to golf in Jamaica, so we just rented from the ship. The only problem was their clubs were better quality than mine<G> But, that didn't help my game anyway.
When I have dragged along the equiptment the cabin steward stored the bag away, outside the cabin, until I wanted it.

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