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Default Carnival Cruise Lines has eliminated on line discounts for their cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines has eliminated on line discounts for their cruises when you book. What that means, the Travel Agent discounts are no longer there. We are members of Great Escapes Travel Club in FL, and when we would book on line we would see a list price and then under it would be a “discount” but no longer.

Our club T/A told us the same as has been posted in this thread. How they are getting around it is, they sell us the CCL cruise at the CCL listed price and then they send us a check 3 weeks before the cruise for the T/A discount. . .about 8% of the cruise cost. We also get what is called “Advantage Dollars” after we cruise which amounts to about 8% of the total cruise cost that can be applied to future bookings of condos, cruises, airfare or whatever. So, our membership is paying off. Two weeks ago, I added our daughter to the Family Plan at no cost, and they booked the CCL Conquest for 02/20/11 for 7 people in 3 different staterooms, and they will get the check for 8% of the total cruise cost three weeks before they cruise and we get the Advantage Dollars.

Perhaps some of you are aware of Travel Club Memberships of some kind or another. We joined in 2001 and now it is really paying off for us and our kids.
BTW, Royal Caribbean has been doing this for a long time and Carnival is the last big cruise company to get on board with the “no discount” to T/A’s policy.
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